Exhaust Fan that catches and kills Mosquitoes


Mosquiter is a Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan That Also Catches and Kills Mosquitoes, Provides Dual LED



  • * Exhaust Fan 200mm (8 inches). Sweep size: 200 mm | Speed (RPM): 1820/2100 |                Voltage: 220/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz | Air Flow: 212/236 Cubic Foot/Minute (CFM) | Power: 25 W
  • * Magic Simulate technology to catch and kill mosquitoes
  • * Dual LED (White + Blue)
  • * Easy to install and simple to use
  • * Low Power Consumption 25W


Where can it be used?

  • * Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Living room
  • * Shop, Showroom
  • * Restaurant, Resort, Guest House, Hotel
  • * Clinic, Hospital
  • * Godown, Store, Office, Warehouse


How it works?

  • * Install 'Mosquiter' on the wall / window
  • * Plug the appliance in the socket & switch it on
  • * Keep the appliance switched on for the whole night especially in the Kitchen to attract & kill mosquitoes inside your home


Where to buy?

Buy it online on Amazon by clicking here


How to Install Mosquiter?



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Mosquiter catches mosquitoes and protects you and your family from deadly mosquito related diseases.
₹ 1,874.00