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NirrtiGo Essentials

1. Create a NirrtiGo Account. or Login with Facebook

2. Search for Projects

  • Search for any residential project across India.
  • Look for builders’ past projects and their performance over a period of time.
  • Read reviews and understand star ratings for a residential project of your choice.
  • Invite your friends/colleagues to comment, rate a project you are considering to invest in.
  • Share the project with your friends/colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

3. Add new project

  • If a project is not listed in our directory, you can easily add the project by filling out the required information or alternatively you can email us the details of the project at Please ensure that the builder name, project name, and city are accurately mentioned. You can attach additional documents such as brochure, floor plans, site layout, application form, etc.
  • Just like you can add a new project, we encourage you to edit the existing information about a particular residential project. You can also report the information provided as incorrect. However, all the edits and flags raised by the users will be verified by the moderator and will be made public within 2 working days. For more on moderation policy, read here.

4. Rate a Project and write reviews

  • The rating system contains following parameters:
    • Floor plan/Unit Plan
    • Location
    • Ratio or Carpet Area/Super Area
    • Level of amenities or onsite infrastructure such as swimming pool, club, etc.
    • Level of project specifications such as bath fittings, marble type, flooring, etc.
    • Base selling price
    • Purchase process with the builder such as customer care support, site visit, agreement, etc.
    • Construction quality for completed projects
    • After sale service such as facility management, housekeeping, security, etc.
    • Delivery schedule

Users can rate the project on above parameters keeping in mind the projects offered by other developers. In other words, the ratings should be relative. For example, a project with base selling price of Rs. 4000 per Sq. Ft. should be rated relative to other projects within the same price range. It would be unfair to rate two completely different projects meant for different customer segments.

At the same time, user can provide reviews in written or video format. The review provided should ideally explain the pros and cons of the project and what made you to consider that particular project.

Video formats can be previously recorded such as at the construction site, or a group of people talking about the project. Alternatively, user can start the video cam and record his/her views about the project instead of writing them. Studies have shown that video formats are much more powerful and engages the audience more than the written format.

Share it with friends/colleagues on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Company Bulletin Board, etc.

5. Discussions

  • Participate in discussion about projects of your choice.
  • Read and analyze what others are saying about different builder projects including builder’s track record, investment potential, presence of infrastructure, location, features, specifications, etc.
  • Ask questions about a builder’s track record, location, upcoming infrastructure, etc.
  • Share with friends/colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

6. Start a Common Cause

  • It has been observed that people have been confronted with issues such as delay in delivery, inferior construction quality, short changing on apartment areas, unexpected price escalation, and many other issues. It is difficult for an individual buyer to sort out these issues and therefore coming together with other people who are facing the similar issues can go a long way in resolving those issues.
  • Common cause as the name suggests brings together a group of people facing similar set of issues. The ultimate idea is to solve those issues collectively as opposed to solving them individually.
  • Anyone facing problems with a particular residential project can start a common cause by writing in a strong title, description, and supporting content or evidence. User can also upload video instead of writing.
  • User can invite others who have issues with the same residential project to join the common cause.
  • Share the common cause with friends/colleagues on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Company Bulletin Board, etc.

7. Write Articles

  • Anyone can write articles related to real estate in India.
  • Write articles about macro-economic factors, construction technology, interior designing, green buildings, infrastructure around the city or particular locality, etc.
  • Share articles with friends/colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Discuss your article with NirrtiGo community.
  • Share the article with friends/colleagues on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Company Bulletin Board, etc.

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Why should you rate and review a project?

  • People like to take opinion of others when it comes to big amount purchase, therefore, your opinion counts.
  • Earn Respect of fellow community members.
  • Be known in the industry. Become Editors.
  • Positive impact on marketability of the project.

How to rate and review a project?

  • Search for your housing project.
  • Rate the project on various parameters and write review including the pros and cons.
  • Be as specific and honest as possible in your ratings and review.
  • Be balanced in your feedback. Don’t exaggerate or misrepresent your experience.
  • Don’t violate copyright. Don’t spam.

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